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Harmonizing Opposing Goals: Strength & Flexibility

AboutHarmonizing Opposing Goals, Strength & Flexibility

Headquartered in Westford Massachusetts, Linden Photonics was founded in 2002. Since its inception, Linden’s design specialists have developed a range of miniature, high strength optical fiber, hybrid and specialty copper cables for environments where high performance and compact size are critical.

Our continually expanding product portfolio started with the simple, yet innovative, design of our STFOC products. Born from a naval need for a next generation Torpedo Tether we pushed the boundaries of polymeric design and invented the smallest, strongest cable technology. The proprietary, low-cost manufacturing process of our innovative & novel jacket materials enable high-reliability deployment in harsh environments.

Since 2002 Linden has expanded into a worldwide cable supplier with customers in 24 countries and all 7 continents (Yes, our cables have been used in Antarctica! Find out more about those missions here.)

From the deepest depths of the ocean to land based operations to aerospace and onto satellites our objective is to provide you with cost-effective, high-performance cables in all shapes and sizes. Small & buoyant, strong & light, high-temp & radhard, Linden gets you from A to B. If you don’t find what you need in our catalog, contact us for custom, short-run designs.

Our Experience & Measures

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Harmonizing Opposing Goals: Strength & Flexibility

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